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service center

Service:  Repairs all luggage products.
Repairing and replacing any and all luggage accessories . We offer a complete range of luggage accessories. Fast and convenient.
Services: We provide you with replacement and repairing of trolley case pull rods, luggage spinners, trolley case handles, luggage stands and foot stools, luggage zippers and zipper heads, etc., as well as any maintenance of the luggage.
Pull rod: The luggage pull rod does not come out or breaks, broken or rotted handle, rod plastic shell damage or stripping the box, etc.
spinner wheels: The spinner breaks, the caster peels and cracks, serious wear and tear, deviation, the  spinners cannot move, the  spinner damages, etc.
Handle: The handle is lost, breaks, short of accessories, etc.
Foot stand: The foot breaks or wears.
Zipper: The metal zipper is lost, the nylon zipper breaks, the plastic zipper losses teeth, the zipper head can not pull together the zipper, etc. 
Optional accessories: rods (external type, built-in type, box type, single rod type, double rods for trolley luggage), a variety types of handles, a variety types of casters, a variety types of foot stands, 3 to 12 zippers, and other necessary accessories.


Our founder comes from Taiwan and Thailand. Danny Lee started to design and produce luggage in 1986 , using different materials to improve product quality. American brand - Ricardo which achieved good sales in Thailand, Taiwan, America, and Canada.

With Flying Master he hopes to meet all your flight needs. Let us soar together.

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