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What should pay attention to buy suitcase stickers

  • Update:30-01-2018
  • Abst:

    1, Not afraid of the sun: can do sunscreen does not decolorize;
    2, Do not leave glue: tear without leaving traces, (late if you want to change or suitcase stickers will be more beautiful);

    3, Ultra-clear: the picture clear color full;

    4, Simple operation: pattern die cutting, without hand cutting;

    5, Waterproof: waterproof does not fall off.

    6, High viscosity, high viscosity is not easy to fall off.

    Our founder comes from Taiwan and Thailand. Danny Lee started to design and produce luggage in 1986 , using different materials to improve product quality. American brand - Ricardo which achieved good sales in Thailand, Taiwan, America, and Canada.

    With Flying Master he hopes to meet all your flight needs. Let us soar together.

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