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Trolley luggage lock forgotten how to do?

  • Update:16-01-2018
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    One solution:
    1, try your best to push the switch in the opposite direction to push the switch, turn on the flashlight according to the gap, turn the password plate, observe the shaft groove.
    2, found that after the groove, record the number of grooves, one by one record the three password plate.
    3, get three numbers, the number of bit by bit processing: less than 5 plus 5, less than 5 minus 5, that is, get the password.
    Solution two:
    If you remember the store's address, you can ask the store, they generally know what the password is.
    The third solution:
    Some netizens give such a way cattle X: Start from 0001 test, it should not be able to open 9999, 1 second a password, 1000 seconds round again, 20 minutes enough! 2 seconds a password, 2000 seconds can round again, 35 minutes enough!
    Solution four:
    Use the right hand with the right hand to pull the code lock switch to open the direction from the leftmost one password slowly rotate, feel the right hand a little move, and then the second, and then continue, the last time the child forgot the password, I use This method is open.
    The fifth solution:
    One of the most practical ways is to go to the unlocking company to open it, which is both safe and convenient.
    Sixth solution:
    Although this method is not very reliable, but the emergency can be used, is to use a hammer to open.

    Trolley password lock role
    Trunk in addition to the most basic and most important rod, wheel and zipper, the password lock should be more critical components, set the password box after the box, although not as we imagine how anti-theft, but at least give people a The feeling of safety, if the thief chose to laborious pry open the password lock, a bit outweigh the benefits, because everyone on the way out of travel there can be valuable things in it, at most only some of the exchange and commonly used appliances only, but the password lock can not do without

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