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  • Update:09-01-2018
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    Look at the appearance of hands-on test: In addition to wheels and trolley, in fact, there are some small details when buying travel bags can not be ignored, such as zippers,

    Locks and so on. Ding Chenghua suggested that consumers buy travel bags, we must carefully observe the appearance, but also a lot more hands-on try. Look at the appearance, the soft box main inspection pin is uniform, whether there is empty needle, needle leakage phenomenon; hard case is the main observation of the box if there are cracks and so on.
    Hands-on parts, in addition to the rod, wheels, and zipper, lock, zipper must be more than pull together several times to see if the pull is smooth, the zipper is missing teeth and so on. Lock is the main check password lock dial is flexible. If you have the conditions, it is recommended that consumers still buy well-known brands of travel bags, travel bags of good quality is also one of the protection of a good

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