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Suitcase maintenance

  • Update:03-01-2018
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    1, vertical suitcase should be upright.
    2, luggage stickers on the suitcase should be removed as soon as possible.
    3, when not in use, with plastic bags suitcase box up to avoid dust. After years of dust into the surface of the fiber, the future will be difficult to clean up.
    4, depending on the material decided to clean. ABS and PP box if it is dirty, you can use a damp cloth moistened with a neutral detergent, and soon you can remove the dirt. However, EVA is not applicable, EVA box surface of the box, you can brush the dust off the first brush, if the stains to expand, you can also dip stains to gently scrub the oil stains.
    5, the bottom of the wheel to keep it smooth, after the collection must be lined with axles to prevent

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