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wept double 11 bags class after the current three, there are five new Baiqiu changes

  • Update:12-12-2016
  • Abst:This year Baixiu electric operating on behalf of the brand luggage category currently three, the three brands were international brands ELLE, Kipling and DELSEY, the operation of the C.P.U men and women shoes, Achette shoes industry ranked top.

    This year Baixiu electric operating on behalf of the brand luggage category currently three, the three brands were international brands ELLE, Kipling and DELSEY, the operation of the C.P.U men and women shoes, Achette shoes industry ranked top.

    On the evening of November 22, Shanghai Baiqiu e-commerce company (hereinafter referred to as "Baiqiu electricity providers") double 11 will be in the Shanghai Bund Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the scene brought together from the days of cat clothing, Poly cost-effective person in charge, the international brands and industry media.

    This year Baixianguodian on behalf of the operation of the brand luggage category currently three, the three brands were international brands ELLE, Kipling and DELSEY, the operation of C.P.U men and women shoes, achette women's shoes industry top.

    It is understood that in 2016 100Q GMV has exceeded 1 billion yuan. From 2014 the overall GMV reached 100 million yuan in 2015, 450 million yuan by 2015, and now to 10 billion yuan, Baixiadian business in the development of good momentum in the luggage, and through equity changes, the introduction of capital, Internal entrepreneurship, talent building and other means, and now Baiqiu in digital marketing, technological innovation, operational upgrading from the inside to improve capacity.

    August this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed a "Song of the Shenzhen Garments Co., Ltd. on the acquisition of Shanghai Baiqiu Network Technology Co., Ltd. 75% stake," the announcement and show the price of the shares of Baigui the transfer of nearly 2.775 Billion. Shortly after financing, Baqiu electric business with the Danish jewelry brand PANDORA reached a cooperation, for its opening and operation of the Lynx flagship store.

    Baqiu has established the category deep development strategy from the early days. Through the deepening of bags, shoes, jewelry, clothing and cross-border electricity providers in areas such as high-end luggage footwear to establish the right to speak, the operating brands including Japanese bags WHY, Belgium Kipling, the United States Lesportsac, the United Kingdom Cambridge package, etc .; footwear GEOX, Yellow Earth and other international brands.

    Last year, double-11, ELLE sales of 23.77 million yuan to occupy the first category results. Its CEO Li Dahui said in the complex disk, five years ago in the double 11 held after the ordering meeting, Baiqiu Electric CEO Liu Zhicheng has said that the second year will be 1.2 million on the basis of ten times, but then their own This goal has been questioned, but the next year Baichu indeed done 12 million results.

    The face of different categories, Baekje electricity providers is how to "vary" to provide differentiated services? According to Liu Zhicheng said Baqiu for each brand to provide exclusive project team for the independent operation of the brand characteristics, its operation of 30 brands have the corresponding project team, "ELLE, Kipling, DELSEY, Jasper, CPU, PANDORA, charm , Maje, sandro, and so these brands will have a commissioner to conduct research, thereby enhancing efficiency, rather than the traditional marketing, operations, customer service category classification distinction.

    At the same time, customized inventory analysis for different customers, reduce the proportion of inventory, and provide, including the day-to-day delivery of all orders for the same day delivery, all day to complete the processing, the highest daily shipments of 160,000 single, Gift box packaging, custom cards, post-assembly, packaging, coding, customer service and other value-added services.

    2016 is the electrical power industry ushered in a major change in the year, "new retail" concept popular, Liu Zhicheng that "the new retail era of electricity business operators to brand marketing as the premise" point of view, "Many businesses simply rely on the original brand Dividends to obtain sales interests, from a long-term point of view this is an act of overdraft brand, seriously affect the brand's long-term development.Pakage of e-commerce operations services, is built on the basis of brand building and dissemination, to achieve Brand transmission and sales performance of the win-win. "

    What pairs of 11 "Pa screen," Baqiu category of the future will have what kind of action?

    Liu Zhicheng said, Baixiaodian advocate online and offline and logistics combined with the user experience as the center, the price of consumption to the value of consumption; and in marketing is more focus on the scene, technology, content, and this new business model Will gradually replace the traditional electric business model. At the same time, the new industry changes to many international brands and service providers to bring severe challenges.

    Baiqiu operation brand matrix

    Therefore, this year, the complex disk will be "new retail, heart brand, new journey" as the theme, and Liu Zhicheng at the meeting also shared the future Baixian electricity providers will experience four upgrades and a change:

    1. Warehousing logistics upgrade. The current warehouse storage 15,000 square meters, Liu Zhicheng said it would start next year, 3 to 5 million square meters of warehousing, a single storage capacity, and in Shenzhen, Beijing, the two cities to establish sub-positions, thus facilitating the nearest shipping business;

    Second, the establishment of ERP, CRM official mall, to achieve one-stop IP services. At present hundred Qi IT team through independent research and development of ERP, CRM, the official mall system, comprehensive data, making the shop more convenient and efficient operation;

    Third, strengthen customer service personalized service capabilities. The customer service changed its name to fashion consultants, to promote each brand to arrange a fashion consultant as a customer service, which in a more professional, personalized way shopping guide service;

    Fourth, the introduction of international talent. From the start-up period of the three teams, the development of today's 400 people, Baiqiu currently operating more than 30 brands, are international brands, in order to better serve international brands, international talent is essential;

    5. Strengthen the brand-building functions. Liu Zhicheng said that the future of electronic business channels not only sales channels, while carrying the brand to convey the function, and for this trend, Bai Qiu will achieve the transition in the future, business transformation from the channel operators to brand operations, to help achieve brand Construction and dissemination.

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