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Holiday bags function first!

  • Update:26-10-2016
  • Abst:Retro town to ski resorts, from the Nordic aurora to the beach in Southeast Asia, you need to have a safe and worry-free suitcase for you to install the journey required, such as Doraemon Aberdeen bags, the journey at any time to complete fast To take out the equipment you need magic. Low-key luxury business luggage must be thrown to one side, according to different travel destinations, select the different functional design of the luggage, is now "know how to live" trend!

    Retro town to ski resorts, from the Nordic aurora to the beach in Southeast Asia, you need to have a safe and worry-free suitcase for you to install the journey required, such as Doraemon Aberdeen bags, the journey at any time to complete fast To take out the equipment you need magic. Low-key luxury business luggage must be thrown to one side, according to different travel destinations, select the different functional design of the luggage, is now "know how to live" trend! 

    【market trend】 

    Consumer hot spots: 

    Holiday luggage and business bags to partition and rule

    Although the trapeze has become a daily business model, but in the holiday holiday itinerary, low-key luxury high-end business luggage, to give a strong sense of personality in the design of holiday leisure and leisure travel bags.

    Yangcheng Evening News, the major shopping malls in the city, business series and travel series of personalized travel bags, classification and layout is very clear. National Day before the promotion counter, most of them are colorful, easy to identify and functional breakdown, the design of different leisure travel bags. In the stable business travel bags, the leisure of personalized travel bags will become a hot consumer, the emergence of many new products.

    The major brands from the face of extreme environmental material applications, multi-functional portable design, more detailed functional areas such as competition, launched a different focus on new products. This reflects the purpose and characteristics of Chinese tourism are more diversified than ever, and is willing to more suitcase designed to fit different travel destinations and travel. Compared with the past, with almost no black nylon logo design business bags to Southeast Asia island resort this scene is more difficult to see.

    In addition, safe, lightweight, cartoon design of children's suitcase has become a new consumer hot spots. Today's parents, not only for their own before the purchase of suitable suitcases, but also for children to prepare special suitcase, so that children in the trip more sense of participation, but also more able to cultivate children's independent, responsible attitude. 

    Market Analysis: 

    Travelers are most concerned about luggage details?

    Hard or soft box is more resistant to fall? Which wheels are smoother and quieter? Explosion-proof zippers and safety locks which insurance? These are the choice of suitcase has been triggered when the hot discussion of different points of view. 

    New China, vice president of Greater China, Ma Rui Guo Yangcheng Evening News reporter once said that domestic consumers and consumers in Europe and the United States in the choice of luggage there are some different. US consumers are usually particularly concerned about the function of luggage, and some of the design details may not be particularly concerned about; and Chinese consumers are usually more concerned about the details, design, will also focus on matching, with the clothing style, and some details of the use of travel Experience more attention. 

    Even business people, vacation time also like to use another look more "vacation" travel bags. "We found that modern people prefer to travel for leisure purposes.People before the more bags as a functional product, and now people will understand the luggage as a personal style, a way of life," said Mr. Ma Guoguo, "These design details include: When you drag the suitcase in the walk, people from the color of the box, shape, and even the size of the box wheel to determine the voice of your personal characteristics and identity and so on. While women are more concerned about the luggage interior design, luggage has no detailed design of wet and dry partition, whether light and smart and so on. Apparently luggage has become a part of a personality, personalized and leisure will become the future of travel and luggage product development focus and trends.

    【Practical Trends】 

    Soft and hard combination

    Hard box + caster is the trend of the past two years, travel easy to use effort, the protection of objects inside the box more thoughtful. Fully sealed hard case, and even in the rain waterproof and security on the outstanding performance. Some brands of hard cases and even known to be directly on the river drifting without water, tamper security than the soft box is more than a length. 

    However, the practicality of the convenience of the soft box also did not give way. The expansion of the soft box is good, suitable for travel can not control their own buy and buy shopping mad at any time to expand the reserve. Soft boxes are usually more outreach layered to facilitate the placement of the outer layer at any time (such as security) need to take small objects. The hard box because to maintain the integrity of the outer box, it is difficult to add in the hard shell outside the expansion layer, often see the hard box users need to open the entire box before security, convenience is slightly weaker.

    Variety portable 

    In addition to the conventional Founder of the drawbars, you can change the portable travel luggage in recent years has also been more welcomed, suitable for changing the destination situation and travel more complex travel. Such as tarpaulin lightweight travel bag, at the bottom with a bar, at any time to facilitate portable, shoulders back, drag three different ways to carry, when not in need can also be folded into small pieces in large suitcase. 

    For travel more complex long-term travel, with the Variety Variety suitcase flexible, this "big box of small box" model is also very useful. For example, in Europe, Japan and many other cities where public facilities, you can break down a large journey into a number of small journey, for example, spend 1,2 days to the nearby town excursions, you can temporarily do not need luggage There is a public depository, only short-distance travel with a small travel package can be. 

    Daren experience 

    Travelers how to pick suitcases 

    Candy Cat: Nordic Snow country with the Japanese town with two extreme suitcases 

    Illustrator, animated director. Just as one of the five global sea election, participated in lasted three months of "100DaysOfPolarNightMagic polar night, a very magical 100 days of extreme experience" Finnish adventure project, and held in Guangzhou exhibition. 

    Literary Fan to explore 

    Yangcheng Evening News: the trip to Finland's three-month adventure, with a few suitcases? How classification, how to use?

    Candy Cats: In this journey of three months to explore the difficult journey inside, I brought a total of three suitcases, one is a large standard luggage, the other is a backpack, there is a storage bag. Use, I generally need to be classified every day items are good points, on a different small bag inside. When I use it, it can be quickly classified and put into my backpack inside the use of outdoor. 

    Yangcheng Evening News: like this long time, the geographical span of travel, you pick the suitcase, will particularly value what?

    Candy Cat: a long cross-border travel, I prefer the stability of the suitcase, the appearance is second. This time to the arctic land, I pay special attention to bring a lot of warm equipment. Therefore, strong, safe, able to install, partition structure is reasonable, is my adventure trip luggage maximum requirements. 

    Yangcheng Evening News: According to different travel destinations, long and short, and so different, choose a different suitcase? 

    Candy Cat: Actually, I have boxes of different sizes to prepare for my long distance and excursions. Have been to Japan tourism, that is, with a can be particularly small, but very suitable for temporary storage box into a small box. Very suitable for action of convenience, can also be placed inside a taxi.

    A red-shaped like a boat-shaped storage box, that is, I use the suitcase in the snow. To move the baggage in the snow, have to rely on different suitcases. So depending on the destination, or will use some special features of the equipment.

    Yangcheng Evening News: Do you like the suitcase is like? Is there any special preference or experience?

    Candy Cats: I prefer light suitcases, and strong and simple, and not too much fancy. Also like the backpack can become outdoor activities, the Variety of trolley case, said to go for a walk away.

     Details of the box, I like running, so every time I have a sandwich inside the suitcase, put a pair of running shoes. But sometimes I will give up these extra equipment. After all, the suitcase is a suitcase, is a small personal wardrobe. Although I will not bring everything, but will be based on personal preferences and habits of vacant position. Every time I will use the storage bag finishing, and with a vacuum bag to compress clothes to a minimum.

    In fact, every time I was afraid of my pigments that security can not take the plane, so special attention, some may seem to have trouble with the items will not take too much, as far as possible in the local purchase.

    Business Fan fashion fine

    Li Yang: business since the tour, to make use of suitcase

    Guangzhou W hotel market public relations director

    Yangcheng Evening News: Business or self-tour, you choose the suitcase is different? Functional breakdown of what requirements? 

    Li Yang: For me, two travel purposes, I will use large suitcase. Business travel because they will attend different meetings, banquets, so there are a lot of luggage suits, including shoes with clothes, so in the suitcase hope to have a special partition, large enough, suits will be able to flatten the place, Carrying casual (it should be said is a lot of sets of casual), so that after the business activities in the local tour can be replaced some different shapes. 

    Yangcheng Evening News: Do you like to travel foraging, travel will be particularly to wine or other hand letter? In the use of suitcase packaging, you have any special experience? 

    Li Yang: Yes, this is one of the reasons I like to use large suitcase! I often see a lot of tourists holding large bags, at the airport because of clearance, the aircraft action is not convenient, and made very embarrassed. So a suitcase on the space enough to play a great role, I like to stuff everything into the suitcase checked out a box, so that their own light battle.

     When packing, I will put heavy items or items of hard body, such as shoes with shoes, shoes, liquids are placed on the box near the wheel parts, and the lightest items, fragile items will be wrapped on the hand ring Side, because the box once erected, or lift up, heavy items will be pressed down. And small items or some do not need to keep straight through the clothing, to serve as anti-collision function plug in every corner 

    Yangcheng Evening News: go to different travel destinations, will choose a different suitcase?

    Li Yang: Yes, even in overseas travel, I do not like punching walking, but will find a favorite city, settled down and then radiation to the surrounding cities. So I prepared a suitcase in addition to large, but also to prepare a soft bag of luggage, do not need to use the items I can put inside a large suitcase, stored in the hotel, or the railway station's storage, carry Soft bag of luggage can spend 1-2 days of short-distance distribution travel.

    Yangcheng Evening News: Do you like the suitcase is like? Is there any particular preference or experience?

    Li Yang: I personally like plain black crochet, especially black body suitcase, the shell does not need mezzanine, so that the journey to maintain the image of elegant intellectual.


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