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International luggage strong invasion of the Internet brand there is a chance?

  • Update:11-07-2016
  • Abst:Original luggage brand "Yimini" in last year's double-11 promotion, ranking the Internet luggage brand sales ranked third, there is no doubt among the first echelon. But in the last year, double-11 days cat bags category overall ranking only ranked eleventh.

    Original luggage brand "Yimini" in last year's double-11 promotion, ranking the Internet luggage brand sales ranked third, there is no doubt among the first echelon. But in the last year, double-11 days cat bags category overall ranking only ranked eleventh.

    This year, as a representative of the original brand of Internet luggage, Yimini can win the Internet brand champion? In the strong international luggage brand in front of the luggage category currently ten?

    Originally luggage brand Yimini founder rice (Chen Zhongzhong) unabashedly pointed out that the economy into the new normal, electric business dividends disappear, the international luggage brand and traditional luggage brands have made the case of electricity providers, Yimini live is not Easy.

    "We are the most light luggage brand international impact, because Yimini positioning leather, the mainstream price range between 400 yuan to 600 yuan, the price of the original luggage brand belongs to the first echelon.Most of the price of original brand bags In the 200 yuan, the price is difficult to be impact to the light luxury brand will not put down the figure to the price. "Rice bluntly, from the data point of view, Yi Mini a large part of the customer lost to the MK (Michael Kors), Coach, Kate Spade and other luxury brands. Compared to women, the style is the first, but in the luggage category, consumers still attach great importance to the brand sense. Brand strength of the absolute weakness, which is Yimini as an original luggage brand is facing a severe test.

    Rice said that consumers buy bags or pay attention to the brand, and now Shopping Service, global purchase, outbound tourism is very convenient, consumers can be very cheap to buy light luxury brand luggage, compared to the price of lunar Minami luggage is not Much higher. The more traditional line of the brand, the line of the price of the mall is more than 1000 yuan, but the main line of explosive price is also 499 yuan, 599 yuan price segment, the price and Yi Mini belong to the same price. "Although our products in the quality of the process is absolutely not lose people, even in a lot of materials and details of the process is better than others, but their brand awareness is indeed stronger than we are, this is an objective reality."

    Faced with this situation, Yimini to take the strategy is to complement and avoid weaknesses: not only start to force to fill the brand awareness and other shortcomings, but also to consolidate its existing strengths. Rice said with a smile: "very grateful to our competitors, is that they let us see their own short board, in order to better face themselves, better to enhance their own.Yimini has always insisted on the work style is: we only focus 100% of the effort in the self-products or services and other aspects of research and demands on competitors and peer attention is almost 0, but today, we must make a change, we must spare a considerable part of To study opponents, to learn the advantages of opponents, through learning to find their own shortcomings of competition.Politics, can not be dry get on the ground.

    Rice introduced, for the current "is not easy" stage, the overall strategy of the guiding ideology is "wide grain, deep digging, doing internal strength," the guiding ideology is definitely not a year, but 2-3 years , With 2-3 years, to build the second ten years of the core competitiveness of Yimini. "Now is neither suitable for the development of high performance targets, not suitable for strategic change in the Great Leap Forward.Electronic business development to this stage is the company's overall strength of the competition, in the talent echelon building, brand building, In product design and supply chain upgrading, external resource integration, in-house effectiveness, in management and

    Organization, in the cultural and institutional, and so on, we have to carry out systematic upgrading. "

    So what are some of the things Iminie is doing in the end?

    Filled short board: to enhance brand power

    According to billion state power network to understand, Yimini has begun to plan the line, but the starting point is not to occupy the new channel through the offline market, or to achieve new sales growth, but to get through the layout of the brand power line upgrade . Rice, imini is now looking for the right Shopping Mall, ready to set up brand image flagship store. In addition, Yimini is also planning IP cooperation, and a variety of film and television, animation, art IP cross-border cooperation.

    Rice admits: "In the brand, people than we have gone more than a decade or even decades before the establishment of today's minds in the minds of consumers brand, Yimini as an original brand, very young, we need to keep the brand Go up into, to try, to slowly make up the short board, to slowly build the brand awareness Yimini.

    Consolidate the advantages: the development of the mobile end of the community

    Relative to the fill short board, Yi Mini did not relax the consolidation of the original advantages.

    Rice, one of the advantages of the past, is the old customers of the high rate of repurchase, which is the best products and customer service. From the PC to the mobile end of the transition process, Yimini microblogging is the first, but in the WeChat is relatively backward, "We want to re-create our old customers operating advantages, the micro-community operations placed the most important s position."

    Yimini is now in the WeChat end has been organized about 50 communities, and these communities is not the core idea of ​​Yimini's taste positioning "leather artist", but "texture of life artist" life philosophy.

    Rice, said: "The user community and our relationship is no longer a customer and business relationship, and like friends and girlfriend relationship, or more like a partner or comrades in the same area of ​​the relationship, which The relationship is more closely, pay more attention to emotion, we work together to create a concept of life or culture, our community managers from the beginning is our staff, and now slowly have become our user representatives.

    Rice to determine the future of the user may be more and more community, a user will also exist in the N community, the relationship between these communities and users may not be strong brand or strong interest, but the same values ​​and culture, Is a consistent attitude to life or philosophy of life. In the common culture and life philosophy, they voluntarily together constitute a community, and together to build the community.

    Widening the gap: to further enhance the product process

    Rice has been very confident in the quality of the bag. "The quality of our home is definitely the best in the industry, a lot more than our brand in the details of the deal we do not have a good, but we can not be satisfied with this competitive advantage, we continue to pull the competitive gap Big, with Ma as saying the president is 'let the competitors do not see our tail'. "

    Yimini this year in product quality to continue to do a lot of action, each style of the pieces are more precise, and all with the final version of the mold. The more pieces of a bag, the more complex work, the more sophisticated assembly, out of the product feel and better performance, but the higher the cost, but the general factory has not been able to do.

    Rice pointed out that the general factory, bags are concave and stereotyped by the hands of workers, but each style is used to customize the molds to achieve. Product requirements of the highest state is the feeling, in order to allow consumers to feel not the product of this object, it is a feeling of the soul of things, some parts of the bag on the wood to do with the results. For example, a slight arc of the line, to reflect the three-dimensional at the same time, do not lose touch. But behind to pay more than a few thousand dollars each model of the cost of money.

    In the consumer can not see the internal material, Yimini is also being upgraded. Rice said that good products not only get the hand of the moment, it is important for a long time after use, the version of the type is still good, the product is durable, this is the value of high-quality internal material. At the same time, Yimini in the study car line effect, hoping through the introduction of foreign equipment and raw materials used, as well as the master of the continuous demands of temperament, so that more flexible traces of dynamic.

    Rice said, "high-cost achievement of good quality", which is always adhere to the product idea. "That's why the packages sold by Yimini are not cheap, but the reason users will follow."

    Steady innovation: adjust the team structure Fun multi - brand

    In addition to filling the short board and consolidate the advantages, Yimini also actively adjust the team organization, while multi-brand strategy.

    Rice, this year, Minnie team structure, organization, work processes have been adjusted and changed, as Ali Group had previously adjusted the team to "small front desk, medium and large Taiwan" organizational structure, like, Yimini also carried out Small front desk to try. "Small front will be very flexible, the entire background can provide powerful data support, more suited to the current market shape.Now 90, 00 after the idea of ​​change quickly, before the organizational structure is difficult to timely and rapid response, will cause the reaction lag, Decision-making Pianman, lack of innovation.

    Imini small front of the organization to try, mainly through sub-brand operations to reflect. This year, Minnie launched two new brands, one is the Lotus brand, focusing on the national wind female bag; one is the Park Arts brand positioning handmade, the two brands are in a separate small front-end mode of operation. They share the company's human resources, finance, IT and systems, supply chain and other resources, but the brand's product development, brand operations and marketing strategies are small team operations, each brand of 3-4 individuals, very lean. Rice said that such a small team more dynamic, less a lot of burden, faster decision-making, innovation and stronger.

    But rice also believes that the current organizational changes, has just started, the current effect has not fully reflected. But in this direction continue to try and adjust, will be more and more effective.

    In addition, the rice that is not a good brand extension of the original stage, a new brand to be recognized and recognized by everyone, access to new customers, to achieve profitability, is very difficult. At the same time rice also pointed out that now you can try to launch a number of sub-brands, such as cooperation with foreign brands or carry out some cross-border cooperation, we can either opponents, or allies.

    Summary: Finally, the rice admits: "luggage category relative to clothing and other large category has been lagging behind for many years.Apple bags counterparts, do not look in the luggage to stay inside, jump out of the luggage circle to see the outside world, Is the right direction.In the luggage, we have to work together to work together to study the product process breakthrough, the study of supply chain transformation, the study of raw materials innovation ... ... the sharing of resources, the advantages of one into everyone's advantage, is the right Everyone is the most advantageous thing, Yimini is willing to share all the advantages and achieve common prosperity.

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