wept double 11 bags class after the current three, there are five new Baiqiu changes

This year Baixiu electric operating on behalf of the brand luggage category currently three, the three brands were international brands ELLE, Kipling and DELSEY, the operation of the C.P.U men and women shoes, Achette shoes industry ranked top.

Pinghu luggage world industrial design conference

Recently, the first World Industrial Design Conference held in Hangzhou Liangzhu dream habitat town. More than 500 industry leaders from 43 organizations from 26 countries and regions gathered to explore the trend of industrial design and create a new platform for global design innovation and cooperation.

Holiday bags function first!

Retro town to ski resorts, from the Nordic aurora to the beach in Southeast Asia, you need to have a safe and worry-free suitcase for you to install the journey required, such as Doraemon Aberdeen bags, the journey at any time to complete fast To take out the equipment you need magic. Low-key luxury business luggage must be thrown to one side, according to different travel destinations, select the different functional design of the luggage, is now "know how to live" trend!

Welcome to our official website

Welcome to our official website

International luggage strong invasion of the Internet brand there is a chance?

Original luggage brand "Yimini" in last year's double-11 promotion, ranking the Internet luggage brand sales ranked third, there is no doubt among the first echelon. But in the last year, double-11 days cat bags category overall ranking only ranked eleventh.

Our founder comes from Taiwan and Thailand. Danny Lee started to design and produce luggage in 1986 , using different materials to improve product quality. American brand - Ricardo which achieved good sales in Thailand, Taiwan, America, and Canada.

With Flying Master he hopes to meet all your flight needs. Let us soar together.

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