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Since its foundation, Flying Master has consistently engaged in creating the best product possible. Always on the lookout for better materials and new technologies to give us an edge over our competitors.

Flying Master means “Pilot of the air”. Our goal has always been to see you safely, comfortably to your destination and make you look good along the way.The brand was registered in Thailand in 1990, and began to marketing in 1992. It lifted a weave of buying at that time, with 6000 average daily sales. However, the sales was stopped because of the financial tsunami. Despite this, Flying Master relied on its advantage of being a long-term agent of Ricardo Beverley Hills in the Far East region, settled in Thailand, Taiwan, and the United State, and achieved excellent result. 

In 2015, Flying Master entered the Chinese Market. Our ultra-light, wear and impact resistant, ergonomic and highly fashionable brand of luggage has been well received. This combined with our competitive prices and superior service, which can only be found at Flying Master,  will soon make us the brand of choice for China.  











Our founder comes from Taiwan and Thailand. Danny Lee started to design and produce luggage in 1986 , using different materials to improve product quality. American brand - Ricardo which achieved good sales in Thailand, Taiwan, America, and Canada.

With Flying Master he hopes to meet all your flight needs. Let us soar together.

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